Good Morning, Baby

While in India I was lucky enough to visit Manali (,_Himachal_Pradesh) for two whole days.  While there were many awesome things about Manali, more specifically I would like to discuss our sleeping arrangements.  We stayed at a hotel called The Honeymoon Suites.  I shared a room with my mom and younger brother.  Now mamma didn’t raise no fool, I understand what the accustomed ritual was for people staying in this particular establishment but I tried to keep my mind occupied with other thoughts.  However when we walked into the room my inner Nancy Drew detective skills peaked and these facts were burned into my mind, eyes and soul.  Firstly, the retro shag carpeting.  Secondly, the lone used candle with matchbox and plug in air freshener by the bed.  Thirdly, and admittedly the most damaging, the mirror above the bed.  Fourthly, the mirror ABOVE the bed.
Now we were all tired and in need of a good sleep so I did what anyone would do, sent up a lil prayer to God asking her to protect me.  Re-checked the lock on my chastity belt (air tight, baby!).  Tried as hard as I could to push the visual of those dateline investigative reports of where they take a black light to hotel bed sheets and all the baby making jizz becomes wonderfully visible.  Tres CSI. 
Anyways that was a memorable night to say the least and one that I am thankful to have survived as still a Ms.
Good Morning, Baby

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