My Delirium

I come to you today with nothing in mind (Like that’s different from any other time you say and I say SHUT UP).  This blog post is more of a experiment of mine to see what might happen if I were to approach my blog without any preperation or previously thought out idea of what I might like to talk about.  So here we are. 
Yesterday was Family Day.  The family and I went to Buffalo.  We went shopping which is something I kind of detest unless I find myself on that rare occurence of wanting to actually go shopping.  It happens one to two times a year.  I’m more of a window shopper.  Wow, this is going well.
Ok.  Got it.  Off to the right of me I can see the iron and ironing board and this has upped by blood pressure quite noticeably.  Why do people iron their clothes and THEN hang them up or put them away in their dressers.  What is the point?  When you go to retreive the clothes over the next few weeks you’re likely to just iron it again so why the fudgecicle popsicles (mmmm) do people iron them the first time.  I’m pretty sure this chore can be traced back to the late 1920s and early 1930s around the time of the Great Depression.  Men had no work and were stuck home all day which was something that they weren’t used to, I mean c’mon that’s the woman’s job.  Sure there was that brief honeymoon stage of ‘oh being home all day with the person I love is great and as long as we are together things will be ok’.  But that mentality is quickly shot, and tensions start to thicken.  The men are getting suffocated by their wife’s presence and women are getting anxious cause with their boo at home all day they be getting no satisfaction from the milk man.  All around things are not well.  At this point the man is looking for anything that will keep the old ball and chain busy for a little while to keep his sanity, the woman is looking for some way to burn off some serious steam.  STEAM!  presto.  By mutual agreement the stupid and pointless habit of ironing clothes and then putting them away is born. 
Now I say years have passed and why are people not shedding this horrible reminder of the bad times.  I mean seriously, with the advances of technology, the need for the milkman have been squandered and replaced by battery powered toys available worldwide.  In conclusion, invest in some rechargeable batteries and just hang up your clothes straight from the dryer.  Then if they still need to be ironed.  Iron them one time and one time only, right before you are about to wear them.
My Delirium

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