Dreams Are Fun

I recently got a app on my phone that tracks your sleeping patterns and I’ve found that it is quite helpful in getting a more restful sleep and if nothing else, it is a good way to motivate myself to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep a night. The app tracks your weekly deficit of sleeping time in red font to really let you know that even at a simple task such as sleeping you are a fucking failure. Nothing says failure like red font.

Usually when I wake up I experience faint fleeting images and feelings of the dream but all traces of it will generally vanish within a couple minutes of getting up and out of bed. I’m trying to get better at recalling my dreams as the idea of lucid dreaming really intrigues me and I would love to acquire such a skill one day. Just imagining the possibilities. Amazing.

Anyways this morning I was not only able to remember most of my dream but it made me laugh so I figured, hey why not share it with the world. This is definitely something that needs to be broadcasted on the world wide interwebs.

The Dream:

I’d just gotten married (oh boy my parents are just as pleased and relieved in my dream as I could have ever expected them to be. Bonus points for realism). Flash forward a few months and I’m knocked up, let’s say a minimum of 9 months have passed cause I’m a lady dammit. Actually it felt more like a few weeks in my dream coughcoughshotgunweddingcough. So I have the kid and luckily going through the delivery was not part of my dream. Even my dream state self was like fuck that noise, peace out! Where was I? Right so I have the kid and I’m at my parents house and they’re helping me take care of it. I’m referring to the baby as a it cause I cannot remember if it was a boy or girl. It was cute though? I guess? I dunno at this point in my day trying to recall what it looked like, it looked like a beautiful bouncy baby shaped blur. So my parents are helping me with the blur and all of a sudden I’m like isn’t it weird that the father of the baby hasn’t shown up…like at all? He wasn’t at the hospital, even though my dream didn’t have a hospital scene I just knew this to be true. He hasn’t dropped by the house like this is weird right? And my parents just kind of nod in agreement. Thanks for the support parents sigh

Right so my memory of the father, as with the baby, is pretty much of a unnamed, man shaped blur. The next scene I remember is arriving at the front door of a house and peering through the windows and seeing the good for nothing jackass sitting on a sofa watching television. I’m not a violent person but god damn my dream version in this scenario was. I kicked down the door (right?) and marched in and gave him a verbal and a bit physical smackdown. Not in a domestic violence type of way mind you, but there was some contact. The guy pretty much mumbled about this and that and I left.

Cut to next scene which was like a montage. Do other people have montages in their dreams a lot as well? Cause I have them frequently and not to toot my horn too much but they are scored by on point music as well. This montage wasn’t uplifting or motivating though, more like someone call children services and get this child to safety. For you see, in my montage I kept going through scenarios where I would be doing something (reading, building something, chores, playing video games etc) and then realize I haven’t checked on the blur baby in HOURS, like double digit hours! This would always be proceeded by me running up the stairs to it’s room and then a feeling of relief would wash over me when I would see that it is still alive.

That’s it. That was the dream. It ended with the montage.

TLDR: Had a dream where I’m married and knocked up. Dream ends with me as a negligent single mother 🙂

Dreams Are Fun