CW’s The 100

I know, I know. Please look past the CW part and give The 100 a fair chance. The network largely known for teen shows with an overwhelming cast of White actors who seem plucked straight out of a Abercrombie catalogue. Let’s just say, as a South Asian girl who watches a lot of television, traditionally CW shows are not a place where I feel represented.

When I first heard the premise of The 100 around the time the pilot premiered last year I had quite the hearty chuckle. Here’s a summary from NY Daily News:

“The 100” starts with the premise that a nuclear holocaust turned Earth into a toxic wasteland 97 years ago. The only survivors were a handful of people lucky enough to be orbiting in spaceships — who now, of course, had no home to go back to.

Three generations later, their descendants are still in the ships and also facing the end, because they’re running out of resources.

So they have built a small ship that sends 100 young people — all officially criminals, though crime has become a relative concept — back to Earth, to see if it can be re inhabited.

Great I thought, the last hope for humanity will be 100 unsupervised White teens. Great job CW!

Week to week I inevitably kept coming across postings and articles about how awesome the show is and how it was exceeding people’s expectations. I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

Fast forward to now, with episode three of season two quickly approaching and I’m glad to say, in my opinion, the show is still going strong in terms of quality, pacing, and defying expectations. My greatest takeaway from the first season was how dark it was for what I expected to be your average teen show. Also, while not the most diverse show it’s definitely better than past CW shows. The world they’ve created in the show and the different clans/groups is hella interesting to watch and it will be interesting to see how they continue to interact and story lines intersect.

I heard the ratings have been low for the second season and I really hope they pick up soon as it’s a great show with complex and intriguing characters, female and male, and the episodes released so far for the second season have been very promising.

CW’s The 100